Our Practice Areas

Conveyancing and Real Estate Practice

We offer legal services to Building Societies, Banking and Finance Houses...

Debt Collection Practice

The firm collects commercial debts on behalf of clients. This is one of its key strength areas.

Corporate/Commercial Law Practice

The practice is as varied as the clients and the industries that the firm serves.

“The firm serves as Counsel of choice to major corporations, privately owned companies and non-governmental organizations in areas of corporate law, real estate management etc ...”

Maanda Maanda & Associates


Our principal goal is meeting the diverse legal needs of large or small businesses, institutional clients and the indigent members of our society.

The firm also participates in high profile criminal cases in defense of accused persons in addition to representing the indigent. The firm is also prominent in the area of Human Rights Litigation with particular bias in social, cultural and economic rights.


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About The Company

Maunga Maanda and Associates presently carries on practice in Harare and Mutare as a partnership of three [3] legal practitioners, two (2) associates, two (2) consultants. The nature of the firm’s practice and structure, combined with the broad experience of its legal practitioners allows for the efficient co-ordination of work within and among the various practice areas. All our lawyers are registered legal practitioners with a right of audience in all courts of the country.
Maunga Maanda and Associates t/a Commercial Law and Human Rights Chambers that provides quality legal services primarily to the corporate world, small businesses, Government sectors, State private enterprises and defends human rights.

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